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GC Liquid
GC Liquid
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GC Liquid

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For use indoor, outdoor, in greenhouses and for water treatment.

  • Ships and stores dry
  • Generates ultra-pure Cl02
  • Liquid lasts for up to 60 days after generation (if stored properly)
  • Versatile use – stock solution able to be diluted as needed
  • No harmful byproducts
  • Kills MRSA in 60 seconds at 5ppm
  • No rinse required, spray and walk away
  • Registered kill claims for HIV-1, Influenza, Rotavirus, Rhinovirus, E-coli, Salmonella, MRSA, Norovirus, Pandemic H1N1 and many more

Directions For Use:

1. Generate the Gard’nClean GC Liquid solution with the provided Gard’n Clean GC Liquid sachet by adding the sachet to water for a minimum of 2 hours, maximum of 12 hours, in a sealed container.
2. Remove used Gard’n Clean GC Liquid Sachet from the mixing container and discard in standard trash receptacle.
3. We recommend transferring the solution to a sealed, opaque container with a spout for easy dispensing. The solution will stay ph & ppm stable for up to 60 days if stored properly.
4. For disinfection, use 100 ppm solution to spray, wipe down or mop all surfaces.

* For disinfection of large spaces, we recommend using an electrostatic sprayer or dry fogger.*


Generation of Gard’n Clean GC Liquid takes place by releasing chlorine dioxide (ClO2) gas into solution once the sachet is added to water. The generation vessel and storage container must be sealed to prevent the Clo2 gas from escaping. You can generate Gard’nClean GC Liquid as a ready to use 100 ppm disinfection solution, or as a 500 ppm stock solution, simply by changing the amount of water you generate the sachet in. If making the 500 ppm stock solution, please refer to the dilution chart for concentrations and use rates in ml/gal. This can also be verified with Gard’nClean Cl02 test strips.



  • Eye Protection
  • NIOSH/MHSA approved Respirator appropriate for Chlorine Dioxide
  • Gloves